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Frequently Asked Questions

When ordering a gift set you have the choice of either the standard or deluxe gift set. All our gift set boxes are designed to look the same however, they are different sizes. Each gift set contains has its own unique home portrait size (6×8” for standard, 8×10” for deluxe) and the number of candles and wax melts differs between the two gift sets. You may choose your own candle & wax melt scents. The deluxe set has a painted log ornament included in the price where the standard set does not. We do however offer the log ornament as an add-on should you want to add it to your standard gift set.

Our candles are made from coconut/soy blend wax with a small amount of food-grade paraffin wax that is paraben and phthalate-free. All our candles are made with natural wooden wicks. When it comes to our fragrance, our collection of clean, phthalate-free fragrance oils are unique, sophisticated, and created using fine fragrance oils + pure essential oils from around the world.

We have never had wax melts explode but if you do leave them in the extreme heat or direct sun they will melt. They are after all called wax MELTS! We have learned that keeping both candles and wax melts in a hot car is never a good idea.

You can choose between any of our twenty signature scents however at this time all our candles will be the same color.

When we started Highland Home Custom Creations it was very important to us to be hyper aware of our impact on the environment. When we were in the design phase of our candles, we decided to take a simplistic approach to the design and wanted to make sure that we had a minimal impact on the environment. We discussed having lids for our candles but in the end, we felt it would just another piece that could end up in the trash and out in the world with no purpose. We did however choose to wrap our candles in a heavy-weight tissue paper from a company that is part of the noissue Eco Packaging Alliance. The noissue Eco-Packaging Alliance is designed to contribute to global reforestation. For every order we make, they plant trees for us in areas of need. We’re also proud to say that our candle’s labels are also made from a Vellum that is 100% recycled with 100% post-consumer waste material. You may also notice that other than some plastic used in shipping there are no plastics used in our products or in the production process. We are not a fan of plastics due to their environmental impact and try to not use them if all possible. In fact, that’s the whole the reason we chose glass tubes with cork lids for our wax melts! Will you re-use your glass tube once your wax melts are gone? Will you recycle your candle jars? We sure hope so! We only have one planet and all of us together can do our part to help protect it.

At this point customizing your own candle or wax scent is not an option. Occasionally we may run a new scent of the week or a new scent for a particular season of the year but for now we only carry the scents listed on our website.

By using two to three wax melts, you can expect about 8-12 hours of scent however that time can vary based on your wax warmer. Some wax warmers can get way too hot, way too fast. This will make the scent a lot stronger as its melting but will significantly reduce your burn time. If you use a wax burner that doesn’t get too hot, your level of fragrance will be less intense. However, you will be able to use the melts for longer. It’s super important to monitor and understand how the temperature on your wax warmer works to maintain your melts’ throw. You may even want to set a timer while you use your melts to save some scent for another time. Fun fact: Wax candles only hold a certain amount of fragrance and differs depending on the type of wax used. Through vigorous testing we chose the wax we feel is the best and made sure we added the highest amount of fragrance oil allowed.

We have learned it is a personal preference. One person might enjoy the fragrance through the ambiance of a candle flame whereas another person might enjoy the fragrance via wax melts without the hassle of monitoring a flame or trimming a wick. We have loyal customers on both sides, so we think both great choices!

Once wax melts are hand poured and cooled, we then transfer them to sealed glass jars until time to package them in our glass jar tubes with cork lids. Once our candles are hand-poured and cooled, we allow them to cure for one to two weeks before packaging. When it comes to the care of your candles and wax melts it is imperative to keep them out of extreme heat! Wax is designed to melt therefore allowing them to sit in extreme heat or direct sunlight is never a wise decision. Extreme cold can also be detrimental to your candle because it can cause the wax to pull away from the jar and crack. We recommend always keeping your candles and wax melts in a cool room temperature area to avoid any issues.

Once we receive your photos for reference, our artist will begin by sketching out the portrait, making sure it looks as close to the photos as possible. Once the artist is satisfied with the sketch, the artist then begins to add layers of watercolor paint to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting portrait to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Most definitely! We offer individual portraits in three standard sizes: 6×8, 8×10, and 11×14. You will find the prices on the Home Portraits page of our website. If you would like to inquire about another size, please message us through our Contact Us page and we will try our best to help you out.

You certainly can! With our candles and wax melts, you will always save more money the more you buy. Below you will find our discount tier.
Candles: 1 for $20, 2 for $36, 3 for $54. Each additional candle thereafter is $14.00 Wax Melts: 1 for $6.50, 2 for $10.50, 3 for $16, 4 for $20. Each additional wax melt is $5.00.

Currently we do not offer frames. Our Home Portraits are unframed, and unmated. However, they are backed with chip board, and sealed in an acid free wrap for protection.

All our home portraits are carefully hand painted and pricing is based off the artists’ skill + time and materials used. Obviously the smaller the portrait the less time and materials used and vice versa.

Because we always strive to provide high-quality products and a hardworking, attention to detail work ethic, we have set up a calendar/scheduling system that allows our customer to see estimated date of completion once they have uploaded their photos. Once your upload is complete, the checkout process will then take you to our calendar/ scheduling system where you can choose an estimated date of completion. Once the artist approves your photos, we should be set to begin production. The calendar/scheduling system is set up based on what the artist can achieve in a given workweek and reflects other orders in line to be created. If you choose the pay now/upload later option, you will not be directed to this calendar until you have completed the final upload of your photos. Please note that if there is an issue with the photos uploaded this might set back the date of completion if the issue is not resolved in a timely matter.

Any modifications must be made before checkout and in the “Comments to artist” section. This section can be found on both the gift set page as well as the home portraits page. Please note that adding people, pets, etc. is not an option at this time. Addresses and family names are more than welcome!

Currently we only ship within the US.

If you would like expedited shipping, we would be glad to help. The extra cost however is not included with free shipping and will be left up to the purchasing customer.

Yes, once the portrait is completed, a copy of the portrait will be emailed to the purchasing customer. Our goal is your happiness but if for any reason, once the portrait has been completed, you are not satisfied and we can’t come to a reasonable solution, we do have a 50% refund policy of the purchasing price. This covers both the materials and time of the artist and all other aspects of preparing the order. If you should change your mind and no longer want your order, and the artist has yet to start on your portrait, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchasing price. If the artist has already begun creating your portrait, we would only be able to offer our 50% refund policy.

Unfortunately, if you should have to cancel an order and the artist has already started preparing the portrait there is a 50% refund policy to cover the materials, time of the artist, and all other aspects of preparing the order. If the artist has yet to start on your portrait, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchasing price. While we realize this is a tricky and time-sensitive matter, we have found this to be our only option to protect us and keep our artists from starting unnecessary portraits.

Currently we are unable to offer different size ornaments. All our ornaments are created on natural wood-log slices in unique shapes and sizes.

The last thing we want is for you to receive anything damaged. However, if something does arrive damaged, please Contact Us to message us along with photos of the damaged items. Once we receive your message and photos and review the photos of the damaged items will reach out to you in order to resolve the issue.